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About Vision Lifesciences

Connecting Life Sciences Across Borders

We guide global pharma and life sciences in licensing, partnerships, M&A, and financing across Asia, Europe, and USA.

— Advisory Services

Connecting companies around the world.

Specializing in cross-border licensing, partnerships, M&A, and financing for life sciences companies. Our reach spans Asia, Europe, and the USA.

Industry Commitment

We are dedicated to fostering partnerships that advance medical innovation and improve patient lives globally. We strive to connect the right partners to accelerate drug development and market access.

Empowering Pharma

We help pharmaceutical companies expand their reach, access new technologies, and navigate complex global markets.

Enabling Biotech

We support biotech firms in securing partnerships, funding, and strategic alliances to bring their innovations to market.

Why We Do It

We're dedicated to transforming the speed and reach of medical breakthroughs. By fostering strategic international partnerships, we aim to create a more efficient, patient-centric global healthcare ecosystem.

Looking for collaboration?

Vision Lifesciences

World Trust Tower, 50 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong

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